Briar Basket

Your sweetest dreams have come true with our exquisite moses baskets, perfect for cradling tiny bundles of love. Each basket comes with Briar’s classic Natural Stripe bonnet in size 0-3, our treat.

Baskets are woven from dried wheatgrass, and topped with rich caramel leather wrapped handles. Each basket includes a 1.5 inch hypoallergenic pad with a removable poly/cotton white fitted sheet, and is approximately 30” x 15”.

These gorgeous baskets are a partnership with Indego Africa, and each basket is handwoven by skilled women artisans in Ghana. A portion of each sale supports these women and their meticulous craft.

Here are a few instructions to help you care for and keep your basket forever:
-do not leave in the sun for extended periods of time.
-spot clean with water (no soap or cleaning agents).
-if your basket loses its shape, run under cold or room temperature water and re-shape using your hands.
-Please note that these baskets are for stationary nap-time use. Although very sturdy, this is not a carrying device.
-This basket is for use until your baby is 3-4 months old, 15 lbs. (7.3 kg), or whenever the baby can push up, roll over, or crawl – whichever comes first.
Each basket comes with a latex foam mattress of US government bassinet standard recommendation. It is not treated with flame retardants.
Size Guide

Size Chart

Bonnets should ideally fit close to your baby’s head, with minimal gapping around the face.
Please measure the circumference of your child's head for the best fit.
Bonnets tend to run true-to-age size.

Age                     Head Circumference  

0-3 months          14-15.5"

3-6                      15.5-17"

6-12                    17-18.5"

12-18                  18.5-19.25"

18-24                  19.25-20"

2-4 years             20-21.25"